Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Jun 6, 2022

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Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 19th) and I rounded up some of my all-time favorite Father’s Day gift ideas. So whether you are treating your dad, a grandpa, a father-in-law, a friend, a brand new dad, or any father-like figure in your life – I have you covered!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022

1. Primally Pure Beard Oil ::  Made with beautiful and high-quality carrier oils, as well as essential oils.  This combo nourishes, hydrates, and tames facial hair without weighing it down or looking greasy and gross. (use code “NURTUREMEWILD  for 10% off your order.)

2. Brewer Wallet :: A beautiful classic leather wallet with pockets for credit cards and cash.  I love it is handmade and supports ethical practices to benefits humans as well as the environment.

3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses :: These slick yet retro classes are the perfect addition to the healthy dad toolbox.  100% blue-light-blocking glasses that promote melatonin production and help with better sleep.

4. Batik Bottle Opener :: A fun easy-to-grip bottle opener is a unique and fun kitchen (or bar) accessory.  Handcrafted and hand-dyed makes each of these bottle openers one of a kind.

5. Crucial Four mEnergizer :: A wonderful concentration of cordyceps militarist fruiting bodies only.  This mushroom is known to increase energy and stamina.  (use code “NURTUREMEWILD”  for 20% off your order.)

6. Charcoal Deodorant:: finally safer deodorant that actually performs.  Made with good-for-you organic ingredients, that work and smell great all day long. (use code “NURTUREMEWILD”  for 10% off your order.)

7. aCube Portable Speaker :: The perfect petite little speaker to bring along on all outdoor adventures (or for everyday use.) I love the sleek and minimalistic look.

8. Waxed Canvas Toiletry Bag :: if your man likes to travel or just likes keeping things organized in general, he will love this sleek leather and waxed canvas toiletry bag.  I love to promote fewer better things, that you will love for years to come!

9. Anti-Radiation Headphones ::  these headphones deliver sound through hollow air tubes instead of the traditional wires.  The hollow air tubes eliminate EMF radiation.

10 Counterman Charcoal Body Bar :: Safer grooming essentials for the man in your life – this can be your husband, boyfriend, dad, grandpa, uncle, or even your son.  I love how Beautycounter and their Counterman Line is filling the gap in the market for safer men’s solutions. (use code “CLEANFORALL20″  for 20% off your order.)
More top picks: Conditioning Beard Oil,  Daily Exfoliating CleanserOil-Free Face Lotion.

11. Camping Leather Man :: The perfect lightweight tool for everyday use and carry.  This is a one-of-a-kind multi-function tool.

Happy gifting!

Use code “NURTUREMEWILD” at checkout to save 15% off your entire first order over at Crucial Four!


Use code “NURTUREMEWILD” at checkout to save 10% off your entire first order over at Primally Pure!


Use code “CLEANFORALL20” at checkout to save 20% off your entire first order over at Beautycounter!


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