10 Reasons To Support Detoxification

Jun 20, 2022

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Detox has become such a trending buzzword lately, and to be honest, there is so much more to detoxification than juice cleanses, or a green smoothie shake.

The truth is our bodies are designed to continuously practice detoxification, but the problem arises when our drainage pathways are stagnant as well as the overexposure to harmful toxins.

We live in a toxic world and our bodies feel the burden of it every single day.  The thing is our bodies were created to deal with natural pathogens and bacteria in our environment, not all the man-made chemicals that we are chronically exposed to.

10 Reasons To Support Detoxification 2

There are so many wonderful healing and detoxification modalities, but you need to make sure that your drainage pathways are open.  This means you need to support your body’s natural elimination pathways to be able to expel the toxins you are trying to detoxify.

Some of my favorite practices include eating a nutrient-dense whole food diet, using an infrared sauna, castor oil packs, coffee enemas, Epsom salt baths, oil pulling, rebounding, walking, stretching, using a vibrating plate, red light therapy, ozone, getting adequate sunshine, and drinking clean filtered water, and using supplements from Cellcore Biosciences.

There are so many options, and you need to find the ones that suites your current lifestyle and needs the best – there are so many options so it is important to tune into your body and needs.  I also want to encourage you that when in doubt work with an experienced holistic practitioner who can support you safely.

10 Reasons to support detoxification

1. Boosts the immune system.  The truth is all of us are exposed to toxins daily through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  When steps are taken to intentionally remove these toxins and replace them with important nutrients from a whole food diet, it supports a strong and robust immune system which plays a big role in maintaining optimal health.

2. Reduces inflammation.  When you intentionally support detoxification and flush all the harmful toxins out of the system, your internal organs can operate at a more optimal capacity, meaning with the reduction of toxins healing can begin.  This process of healing reduces inflammation.

3. Helps combat chronic illness. Chronic illness stems from the overaccumulation of harmful toxins (bacterial die-off, medications, etc.) that negatively affect the function of internal organs.  All of the modalities mentioned above can help remove toxic waste from the body which will result in healing the body back into balance.

4. Reduces pain.  Most modern-day pain within the body is generally caused by inflammation, lactic acid, or the build-up of fluids around the joints.  Regular detoxification practices reduce inflammation, eliminate lactic acid, and increase circulation and oxygenation which helps to eliminate excess fluid build-up that causes extra pressure on the joints and never endings.

5. Reduces body odor.  Some toxins like mold, heavy metals, and bacteria that have died off but have not been properly eliminated from the body will affect the balance of your body odor.  When you support your drainage pathways so your body can properly eliminate these toxins it will result in a more pleasant smell.

10 Reasons To Support Detoxification

6. Improves skin health.  The skin is a direct reflection of internal health.  Environmental toxins and diet affect the appearance of your skin.  When your body is healthy, free of toxins, and filled with nutrients you will see so many improvements in the appearance of your skin.

7. Improves sleep quality.  It is important to understand that in the initial stages of detoxification a lot of people do experience sleep disturbances, however, once the body rids itself of these harmful toxins and clears its internal pathways.  Most people who work through the initial disturbances do experience deeper and more restful sleep which promotes overall health.

8. Supports the liver and kidneys.  The liver and kidneys are key players in detoxification with multiple functions.  These organs process and detoxify most of the environmental toxins you come in contact with.  It is of the utmost importance to support these two organs with daily drainage practices and cleansing for maximum detoxification functionality.

9. Supports the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Toxins have the ability to take up or even block so nutrient receptors in the body.  When you practice regular detoxification practices to rid the body of these toxins it allows your body to absorb and utilize important nutrients for efficiently for optimal health.

10. Eliminates toxins from the body.  When you remove toxins that negatively effects the functionality of internal organs, you provide a new canvas for the body to renew, regenerate, and heal.  This will protect you from disease processes and enable your body to properly function at a capacity for optimal health.

I highly recommend the foundational protocol from Cellcore Biosciences as a safe and effective way to support the body from the most common environmental toxins we come in contact with (metals, parasites, and pesticides.)


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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