What Is CBD & How Can It Help You?

Oct 24, 2022

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I am sure you have noticed that CBD tends to be all the rage these days and little companies selling CBD are popping up seemingly everywhere.

I always wanted to try CBD, but it felt overwhelming because how would you know that is pure without synthetic fillers and oils? How do I know which companies are legit, and which ones are not?  What if it just another money-making scheme – hello fish oil?

Enter Equilibria.

What Is CBD & Why Do I Love Taking It Daily 3

What is CBD oil?

CBD is a natural ingredient found within hemp flowers that have been clinically proven to improve mental health and physical well-being when taken properly and consistently.

The hemp flowers for CBD is a cannabis sativa plant grown specifically to express 0.3% THC content or less.  This is the reason why CBD won’t make you high and why it is completely legal to use in all States.

Any hemp plant that crosses the 0.3% line becomes a marijuana plant, and at about the 10% THC mark, it becomes intoxicating, both of these are federally illegal.

With organic hemp flower CBD, you can get all the clinically observed benefits of medical cannabis plants without any impairment and none of the illegality.

Equilibria’s CBD is almost like farm-to-table, maybe something like farm-to-home. It comes straight from their 1.100-acre farm in Colorado to your doorstep.   It is the highest quality available in the US market.  All of Equilibria’s products are lab-tested with all results readily available. 

How does CBD oil work?

CBD at its core works to reduce inflammation, and as we know inflammation is generally the root cause for many diseases and health struggles.

Full-Spectrum CBD work to balance the endocannabinoid system.  This system is made up of several receptors throughout the body to help keep the body operating smoothly.  These receptors also impact sleep, nerve function, mood, appetite, memory, pain, reproduction, and so much more.

CBD oil and its cannabinoids bind to all of these receptors and support them to function more efficiently.

Due to stress and aging, our bodies stop creating as many of these endocannabinoids, which means that some of our systems stop functioning optimally.

So basically, anyone that is chronically exposed to stress (hello all of us) can really benefit from using CBD oil!

How can CBD oil help?

There are a lot of great health and wellness benefits when taking CBD consistently, including:

reducing inflammation
relieves muscle and nerve pain
helps manage anxiety
improves mood
supports sleep
relieves chronic pain
reduces PMS symptoms
supports balanced hormones
relieves headaches and migraines
improves focus
supports stress management

Personally, I have seen great improvement in my quality of sleep, as well as how I respond to stress when I have more going on than usual.

I would also like to stress, that as a holistic nutritionist, I always encourage and recommend finding the root cause of dysfunction.  I do not recommend using CBD oils as a band-aid solution, but rather as a supportive tool as your work to correct the foundations for optimal health.

Why is full spectrum important?

CBD works best when combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant.  This simply maximizes the therapeutic benefits.

Equilibria CBD oil has nine cannabinoids that work best when they are together – they are so much more powerful (and beneficial) when they work together to amplify each other.

All of Equilibria’s products are based around full-spectrum phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp flower extract.

What Is CBD & Why Do I Love Taking It Daily

Are all CBD oils created equally?

Short answer: NO!

Just like with everything else in life (think skincare, food, and so on) not all these products are created equally, some are of better quality than others.

Cannabis naturally absorbs toxins in the grounds, therefore third-party testing is so very important.

CBD is also not regulated but the FDA, so most of the products out on the market are either poorly grown and processed, which often means they contain way less CBD and way more synthetic fillers, as well as pesticides and heavy metals.

I love that Equilibria’s hemp flowers come from the same farm every time.  This ensures that you get the same quality and strength every time.  I mean would you take a pharmaceutical that was different strength every time? Probably not, so why would you use a company that combines their raw material from multiple farms?

Why is Equilibria different?  Why did you choose them over all the other brands?

I just love Equilibria’s quality and commitment to education.  They are not interested in simply pushing a product.

Their quality and commitment to transparency blew me away.  They simply wanted me to know about the products, how it could help me, and everything about how they manufacture it before they ever tried to sell me anything.

Equilibria also hand harvest their organic full-spectrum hemp oil from the flowers only.  Guys, they don’t use talks, stems, seeds, isolates, or any other fillers to “bulk” up their product.

They have such strict growing, harvesting, and processing rules.  This is straight from their website:

“Our CBD is fully traceable from our 1,100-acre farm to your doorstep. While we are not the only vertically integrated company (with full traceability back to the seed) it is extremely rare.  In addition to our rare insistence on consistency and transparency, we choose to follow all the strict farming practices that a medical marijuana farm would use—not because we have to, but because we choose to.

The vast majority of brands out there simply purchase CBD as a white-labeler. They can’t tell you every single step the CBD has been through, from genetics and botany lab to planting to harvesting to extraction to the formulation.  We put a lot of care into every single step, from taking the time to choose only the best plants to the water we use (well water directly from our land), from the fact that our crop is sun-grown (which makes for happier plants) to the fact that we handpick only the flowers (which has the highest content of cannabinoids and terpenes). Everything we do is with an eye towards getting the best product possible.  Additionally, because we are a completely vertically integrated company, we get a level of consistency that most companies don’t.”

What is not to like?

If you have ever tried CBD oil with no results, I really encourage you to give Equilibria a try.  I have had a few friends roll their eyes at CBD usage because whatever brand they were using didn’t give any visible results.  Trying this brand was a game-changer for them.

How to get the most health benefits from your CBD oil?

Take it consistently
Taking CBD is like any good habit, the more consistently you are with it, the better results you will see.  If you take it haphazardly you won’t really notice the effects, but when you take it consistently, it can be so life-changing.

When taking Equilibria CBD consistently, you’ll notice the most wonderful improvements that don’t just last for a day, but it starts to become a new normal – at least that is what my experience has been like.

One of the things that help with consistency is opting in for the subscription service.  This is great because you don’t have to think about reordering, you will probably never run out, and you get a discount for subscribing.  This is a great tool for keeping up with the consistency,

Take it both during the day and at night
This seemed like overkill to me at first, but taking CBD both day and night has been really helpful.  I find that I am way calmer during the day and can handle stress much better, which in turn makes it so much easier to go to sleep at night.

It also helped me stress way less, thus falling asleep easier.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up and experiment a little but until you start to notice your desired effects.

Consult with the dosage concierge
This is seriously one of the coolest services ever.  They kind of guide you with a suggested starting point dosage with each purchase, but if you don’t notice your desire results, you have the option to talk to their dosage concierge that can help you find the right balance of products and amounts just for you.


Will it make me feel high?
No! Equilibria CBD simply helps you feel a little more relaxed. less stressed, and calmer. 

Will it show up in a drug test?
Most likely not, but because we are bio-individual, everybody will react slightly differently.  There is no guarantee that it won’t show up in a drug test but is really highly unlikely.

Does CBD oil contain THC?
Yes, full-spectrum CBD oils contain a tiny amount of THC, which is what makes it more effective.

Is it legal everywhere?
Yes! CBD is legal in all fifty States.

Is it safe during pregnancy and while nursing?
Unfortunately, there have not been any studies on the effects of CBD oil during pregnancy and nursing.  This is a decision you will have to make with your doctor.


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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