His & Hers Valentine’s Gifting 2022

Feb 9, 2022

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Whether you are loving on your spouse, boyfriend, roommate, or even yourself (yes this is totally acceptable) giving gifts with intention and mindfulness is such a great experience and joy for those on the receiving end.   I am so excited to share some of my favorite brands (some old and some new) and finds on the internet to celebrate mindfulness and sustainability.

Enjoy this Valentine’s gift guide!

1. Fresh Flowers – Studies have shown that the sight of fresh flowers helps release stress.  I am a sucker for fresh blooms – I prefer wildflowers or the $4 flower bins at the grocery store.  Ordering online is sometimes more convenient and supporting smaller farms can be satisfying, especially for special occasions.  You can even do a subscription for gorgeous fresh blooms to be delivered for a couple of months.

2. Primally Pure Beard Oil :: Made with beautiful and high-quality carrier oils, as well as essential oils.  This combo nourishes, hydrates, and tames facial hair without weighing it down or looking greasy and gross. (use code “NURTUREMEWILD”  for 10% off your order.)
More top picks: Charcoal DeodrantCitrus + Mint Body Butter,  Lemongrass Deodorant.

3. Damascus Hunting Knife :: A beautiful hand-crafted fixed blade knife with a classic design.  This is a fabulous gift for the outdoorsy man in your life.

4. Pave Diamond U Hoops :: Dainty and fine little twin hoops (looks like you have two piercings instead of one), 14k solid gold with set diamonds.  These little earrings are so beautiful and can be worn for any occasion.

5.  Glass Pour-Over Coffee Carafe :: The seriously makes the best coffee ever.  Perfect addition for the coffee-loving dad in your life. Disclaimer: The nutritionist in me wants to kindly remind you not to drink coffee on an empty stomach, eat a hearty breakfast, and then enjoy a cup (and don’t forget the cream!)

6. Counterman Charcoal Body Bar :: Safer grooming essentials for the man in your life – this can be your husband, boyfriend, dad, grandpa, uncle, or even your son.  I love how Beautycounter and their Counterman Line is filling the gap in the market for safer men’s solutions. (use code “CLEANFORALL20″  for 20% off your order.)
More top picks: Conditioning Beard Oil,  Daily Exfoliating CleanserOil-Free Face Lotion.

7. Pressed Glass Photo Frame :: Photos are such an amazing way to preserve memories and emotions.  I believe that photos are not meant to just stay on our phones and computers, but that they should be displayed in our homes.

8. Black Diamond Oceana Ring :: This is such a beautiful and dainty little black diamond.  I love that it is feminine, yet bold.  With a lovely pop of color for everyday life.

9. Loose Leaf Rooibos Earl Grey Tea :: Being from South Africa, I have to admit that I do on occasion miss a good cup of rooibos tea.  The problem is finally solved – this tea has a deliciously floral, smooth, and sweet flavor, with the most delightful citrus undertone.  Perfect for early morning risers.

10. Ceramic Coffee Mugs :: These unique and beautiful hand-crafted coffee mugs make the best mug for your favorite warm beverages.  Since they are hand-crated this guarantees a one-of-a-kind beauty.

11. Forest Romance Ari Candle :: crafted with clean ingredients – beeswax, pure essential oils, and organic hemp wicks.  No Phthalates, no preservatives, and no petroleum.  These candles will fill your home with the most dreamy scents.

12. Ready, Set Make Up Trio :: This super easy make-up trio will give a fresh, simple, natural, and look.  It includes a creamy lid glow, the most amazing safer mascara, and a quick shimmer from the jelly lipgloss. (use code “CLEANFORALL20″  for 20% off your order.)
More top picks: Flawless In FiveCleansing BalmAll Bright C SerumOvernight Resurfacing Peel.

13. TheraO3 Ozone Module :: Ozone is a great alternative approach to effectively increase the amount of oxygen in the body, and especially the blood concentration, through cellular infusion.  The charge-and-go format makes it a great device for traveling and sanitizing the air around you whether that is in a car, truck, or airplane. (use code “NURTUREMEWILD”  for 10% off your order.)
More Top Picks: Portable Sauna, O3 Bubbler, Mini Heating Pad

14. Primally Pure Plumping Face Cream :: This is by far my all-time favorite face cream.  The texture is so soft and smooth, and it has the most delightful flower scent – it smells like a flower field on your face.  It stimulates cell renewal and promotes circulation and collagen production.  Perfect for an in-home facial, to celebrate some self-care. (use code “NURTUREMEWILD”  for 10% off your order.)
More top picks: Plumping Face SerumPlumping Face MistCitrus + Mint Body ButterSea Soak.

15. Crucial Four Pearl Powder :: Rich in antioxidants pearl powders stimulate the body’s natural collagen production which creates even skin, and strong hair and nails.  Pearl powder is rich in minerals, especially calcium.  Add a scoop to your coffee, tea, warm milk, or smoothies. (use code “NURTUREMEWILD”  for 15% off your order.)
More top picks: Pine Pollen Extract, Magnesium Bicarbonate, Maca Powder

Happy Gifting!


Use code “NURTUREMEWILD” at checkout to save 10% off your entire first order over at Primally Pure!


Use code “CLEANFORALL20” at checkout to save 20% off your entire first order over at Beautycounter!


Use code “NURTUREMEWILD” at checkout to save 10% off your entire first order over at Therasage!


Use code “NURTUREMEWILD” at checkout to save 10% off your entire first order over at Crucial Four!

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