8 Ways To Naturally Prevent Migraines And Headaches {And What To Do If You Have One}

Oct 25, 2021

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Migraines are seriously one of the worst things ever.  Seriously debilitating, and incredibly painful, it seems to be almost impossible to get rid of or avoid.  I suffered from severe migraines after moving back to the United States.

Thankfully after many doctor’s visits, some meds (that didn’t work) I was able to figure out that my trigger was the pesticides and synthetic chemicals in our food, as well as the toxins in my home (aka cleaning supplies and candles.)

After being diligent in switching to an organic whole food diet (this was without going on a special diet like gluten-free,) changing out all my cleaning supplies, and replacing my candles and wax warmers with essential oils.  I no longer need to use medication, and I was also able to reduce the frequency of my migraines to one every few months or so.  I haven’t had a migraine in over 3 years.

8 Ways To Naturally Prevent Migraines And Headaches 3

During my Nutritional Therapy Training, I learned that a migraine is actually a severe form of inflammation.  So when you get a migraine the blood vessels in your head are inflamed.  When the blood passes through, it pulses and this is what causes the extreme pain.  This is the reason why caffeine generally works because it helps to restrict the blood vessels.

So, since migraines are a form of inflammation, figuring out the triggers, and then taking the next steps to avoid or reduce the triggers can be the ultimate game-changer.

8 Tips naturally prevent migraines and headaches:

1. Eat an organic and unprocessed diet.  I know, I know – just hear me out.  The number of pesticides, herbicides, and overall chemical exposure really do tend to add up when eating conventional and processed foods.  So by reducing the number of toxins, you put into your body, in turn, helps you reduce the number of migraines you get.  If you can just switch to real organic foods (no special dietary protocol) it can truly make a huge difference.

8 Ways To Naturally Prevent Migraines And Headaches

2. Remove added sugar (and artificial sweeteners)  from your diet.  This refers to sugar that doesn’t come in the form of fruits, vegetables, and raw dairy. It is also of importance to understand that artificial sweeteners cause extreme inflammation in the body – even I the smallest amounts.  It is best to just avoid it all together.

3. Use castor oil packs
Castor oil packs, specifically over the liver once a day for a couple of months, and then three (or so) times a week for maintenance. Most of the time, a migraine is triggered because we have come in contact with an environmental toxin (think perfume, fumes, cleaning supplies, etc) and the liver is too congested and therefore can’t filter out the toxin quickly and efficiently enough.  Doing liver-supportive detox therapies (like castor oil packs, and coffee enemas) can be extremely helpful to decongest the liver.  Migraines that are closely associated with menstrual cycles are often tied to liver congestion.  During menses, the body creates excess hormones and the liver needs to filter these out.  If the liver is congested, it can’t detox properly, and this can lead to migraines, hormonal breakouts, and even PMS.

4. If your migraines are triggered a.) by bright lights, b.) you wake up with them, c.) or by being in sunlight or heat, it can be a sign that these migraines are most often rooted in adrenal fatigue.   You can start taking steps in healing the adrenal glands today.

5. Supplement various forms of magnesium daily.  Taking a magnesium flake salt bath or magnesium supplement daily helps to replenish magnesium.  This mineral helps the body to relax and therefore may be effective in reducing or even preventing migraines.  When the body is under stress, the first mineral it chooses to burn through is magnesium.  Reducing stress and replenishing magnesium stores can be extremely helpful.  A super (and relaxing) way to increase magnesium stores in the body is to take a magnesium salt bath for 20-25 minutes.  This lotion is also a great option to increase magnesium levels topically.  I always recommend getting a variety of the different kinds of magnesium when supplementing – I love Smidge Morning and Evening Magnesium (available on my Fullscript dispensary), as well as this liquid form.

6. Keep your sleep schedule regular.  Sleeping is the body’s prime time to heal, rest, restore, and detoxify.  A lack of sleep is very taxing on the brain and adrenals – this can cause blood sugar imbalance and inflammation which can lead to migraines.  Be intentional to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and stick to a consistent bedtime and wake-up time every day – this is one of the simplest health puzzle pieces.  If you are having sleep troubles, you can troubleshoot here.

7. Reduce your stress.  Stress has the same effect that processed foods and artificial sweeteners have on your body and therefore has a profound effect on blood sugar levels.  Large fluctuations in blood sugar levels can be a trigger for migraines or headaches.  This is why it is so important to take care of yourself each and every day.  Exercise outside, reducing time spent on electronics, taking a bath, releasing emotions, eating a meal together at the table, etc. can all have a great effect on blood sugar regulation and the frequency of migraines.

8 Ways To Naturally Prevent Migraines And Headaches 2

8. Move your body.
Do your best to go for a 30-minute walk (stretching or a form of light exercise) every day.  Don’t speed walk, just go for a long leisurely stroll to help lower your cortisol levels, to calm the body, to help reduce inflammation, and this will all help reduce migraines.

What to do when you find yourself knee-deep in a migraine?

We are all bio-individual, so it is hard to say exactly how many of these remedies to use, or which ones will be the best for you.  So talk to your holistic practitioner about the best dosage.

Taking a therapeutic dosage of magnesium can be helpful – the ones I recommend are mentioned above.
Nebulize magnesium chloride (Eidon Ionic Minerals Magnesium (available on my Wellevate dispensary).  Magnesium chloride is great for lowering inflammation, calming coughs, relieving headaches.
When your migraine is stress-related, taking a therapeutic dose of Standard Process Cataplex B (available on my Fullscript dispensary) can be helpful.
Consider therapeutic dosages of CBD oil (I like the drops and the gel capsules.)
Stay hydrated with Quicksilver Scientific Quinton Hypertonic Ampoules (available on my Fullscript dispensary + Wellevate dispensary)
An Epsom salt ormagnesium salt bath with extra salt (2-3 cups) can help relax the body, replenish magnesium stores, and help in pain reduction.
Take a therapeutic dose of this Prana Tincture.  What makes this so effective is that it is a full spectrum extraction with all the gingerols, curcuminoids, and natural oils found in the raw roots.  The absorption begins in the mouth, bypassing the digestive system.  The main keys for absorption are liquid form, black pepper, and a natural plant-based triglyceride.
When your migraine is due to liver congestion then Standard Process Livaplex and AF Betafood (available on my Fullscript dispensary) can help with the pain relief.
♦ Supporting the liver via a coffee enema, can also be very helpful in alleviating the pain.
A combination of the Deep Blue, Basil, and Frankincense or peppermint essential oils applied over the area of concern can help alleviate tension.

Read more:10 Ways To Support Gentle {And Natural} Liver Detoxification.”


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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