Recipe: Probiotic Skin Spray

Apr 30, 2021

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After so many DM’s from my Instagram account, I decided to write up this post all about the probiotic body spray that I make and love using.

I like to reinoculate my skin microbiome because we live in a world where over-sanitization and sterilization of everything is the new norm.  This means that our biomes are constantly assaulted and under attack, which leaves room for resistant, opportunistic bacteria, fungus, and mold to thrive.

Humans use to interact with dirt and good soil for hundreds of years, and these days we don’t do that anymore – for example, we don’t walk on dirt floors, very few of us cultivate the land, or even spend time outside.

We have been slowly moving away from walking around and spending time in microbiome-rich environments – think dirt.  This simple step is actually what builds and strengthens the immune system the most.

probiotic spray

This is probiotic spray is just a simple way to get some friendly microbes back onto the skin after showering, to support the body’s vast network of microbes.

*Please note: This spray is not a replacement for spending time outdoors – it is an add-on!

What you’ll need:

64oz mason jar or any large glass jar you have on hand
an airlock the size of the jar will be using
organic cane sugar
microbial inoculant (I like TeraGanix EM-1)
amber glass spray bottle

The Em-1 Microbial Incolulant is not activated yet, you activate it by adding in the cane sugar and warm water, this brings the microbes to live through the process of fermentation.  The microbes start to ferment the sugar and produce vitamins and nutrients as a byproduct.

Pro-tip: you can add the EM-1 Microbial Inoculant when doing laundry – clothes, towels, sheets, blankets.

Probiotic Skin Spray

  • ¼ cup EM-1 microbial inoculant
  • ¼ cup organic cane sugar
  • 64 ounces warm filtered water
  1. Add the EM-1 microbial inoculant and the organic cane sugar to your 64-ounce glass jar. Fill the rest of the jar with warm water.

  2. Cap the jar with an airlock fermentation lid. Let it sit in a warm spot to ferment for 3-5 days until it smells kind of yeasty.

  3. Pour into a glass amber spray bottle. Spray directly on your skin after showering.

A little white floaty layer on the top is normal.

The spray bottle lasts me for about 2 weeks.

I store the remaining probiotic liquid in the 64-ounce glass jar in a dark hallway closet.  This mixture stays good for about 2 months.

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