The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Bakeware: What to Look For and What to Avoid

Mar 17, 2020

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After discussing the importance of healthy cookware, questions about bakeware came flooding in – I mean, who doesn’t like baking yummy treats? So this guide will focus on options for the safest bakeware.

Most of the bakeware sold in stores is made of aluminum. As discussed in our healthy cookware post, aluminum can leach into food. The non-stick and silicone-coated options can also leach harmful gases and chemicals into our food (and air.) I like to stick with stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and stone.


Here is a little list of my favorite healthy bakeware choices:

Mixing Bowls:

Glass or ceramic mixing bowls come in all sizes and are incredibly sturdy. It is super convenient to buy them in sets or individually. I use my glass mixing bowls for everything. You can easily find bowls like these at Target, Home Goods, and Amazon.

Top picks: 3-piece glass mixing bowl set, glass batter bowl, 2-set ceramic mixing bowl set.

Measuring Cups & Spoons:

There is a slight difference between measuring cups used for dry ingredients and measuring cups for liquids.

Top picks: 3-piece glass liquid measuring cups, 5-piece measuring cup set, 4-piece measuring spoon set.

Muffin Pans:

Stainless steel is a fantastic choice for muffin pans. You can grease the muffin cups or line them with unbleached muffin liners (like I do) to prevent the muffins or cupcakes from sticking to the pan. You can easily find stainless steel muffin pans on Amazon or at stores like Target or Home Goods.

Top picks: 12-cup stainless steel muffin pan, 6-cup stainless steel muffin pan, 24-cup stainless steel mini muffin pan.

Cake Pans:

Like the muffin pans, stainless steel is another excellent choice for round cake pans. I line the bottom with unbleached parchment paper to prevent the cake from sticking. You can easily find stainless steel muffin pans on Amazon or at stores like Target or Home Goods.

Top picks: 9-inch stainless steel cake pan, 8-inch square stainless steel cake pan, 11-inch stainless steel sheet cake pan, 3-piece stainless steel springform pan set, 10-inch stainless steel ring cake pan.

Loaf Pans:

Glass is the best choice for baking bread. It heats evenly and is super affordable, which is a double win. You can find great deals on glass loaf pans at Target, Home Goods, or even Amazon.

Top picks: 1.5 qt glass loaf pan, 9-inch ceramic loaf pan.

Stone Bakeware:

Stone bakeware is another excellent choice. I love baking pizza on a heated stone, which renders a nice crisp crust. Always remember that if you use stone bakeware, you must add a few more minutes to baking because stone heats up very slowly. William-Sonoma has some beautiful pieces.

Top pick: stainless steel serving tray with pizza stone insert.

Baking Dishes:

I love using ceramic and glass baking dishes for all my other baking needs. Using a sturdy baking dish that heats evenly makes all the difference. You can also find great clearance prices at places like Home Goods.

Top picks: 8-inch square glass baking dish, 2-piece rectangle ceramic baking dish set.

Baking Sheets:

Stainless steel is the best choice for an all-purpose baking sheet because it is sturdy and heats evenly. These baking sheets have a slightly higher price point than aluminum but will last a lifetime. You can find some great options for stainless steel on Amazon.

Top picks: 15-inch stainless steel baking pan, 14-inch cookie sheet pan.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, slowly switch out your current baking pieces for healthy bakeware one by one, starting with the ones you use most often.

Are you looking for deals and bargains? You can look for a restaurant supply company in your area or visit any of these sites besides the ones linked above.

This is not an extensive list, simply the kitchen basics I love and use all the time.

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